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Why advertise with us?

• Transparent, cost effective, honest pricing. You can advertise for as little as £30 plus vat.

• Our team of graphic designers provide free advert design and we won't be

satisfied until you are 100% happy with your advert.

• We have loyal readers who provide useful local information for our community pages

• Our publications are kept for the whole month, not discarded like the free papers.

• You are able to have free editorial space, (e.g. articles in the magazine), if you

are a regular advertiser.

• Delivery of our A5 full colour glossy magazines is reliable and regular. Our A5 full colour glossy magazines are delivered by our long-standing team of reliable, local people. We know your advert will reach its target audience because we know everyone who is delivering for us, and when they will be delivering.

• Local people use our magazines to find information, share news and events and offer their opinions. More than 40% of each month's content comes from local peoples contributions so we know local readers like to get involved with, and react to, the information contained in our magazines.

• We offer charities and local community groups free editorial space. By advertising your business, you are helping these groups to have a vital voice in our local community.

• We don't give you the hard sell, we don't need to. We know our publications - and our customer testimonials - speak for themselves.

• It's so successful. Our advertisers keep coming back. Most of our customers

advertise on an on-going basis.

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Local Magazines Ltd Rate Card
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